Hi guys omg, I’ve been getting so much requests on posting here more often, and I’ve finally taken the time out to post! Yay, I’ll post as much as I can, and even accept some requests! This psd is an excellent b&w psd, one of my favs tbh, and in general, the colored version is great too, I actually love it! Hope you enjoy, Please like/reblog as likes inspire me to do more!


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Anonymous asked: PSDS PLEASE :'(

Sorry babe, I’ve been very busy, I have to go to Turkey in 2 days and then I have to study for my final Chemistry exam (which I didn’t give along with my other exams) so I won’t be posting for a while!



First of all, I’m very sorry for totally abandoning this blog lmao, but as promised, I’m going to share more psds now that I’m on summer break! This psd has three optional layers, has a vintage effect, and can be used for anything, especially events and photoshoots! Please like/reblog before downloading,  because likes inspire me to make more!


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Anonymous asked: ok buddie bum bum *_* love your psds

Hahah thanks!

Anonymous asked: but people love your psds you should understand our life also :p

Haha thanks, but I will post here after my finals 

Anonymous asked: you should delete this blog or add some members cause you don't even post psds :/

Sorry, I’m not deleting this blog, and I do post psds, just not on this blog much, you should understand that I have a life too and sometimes I don’t update as much I should, but I’ll post some psds as soon as I’m done with school!

Anonymous asked: Similar to that oh OK can you give me the link of those actions ?

Read the faq on my main blog x

Anonymous asked: Girl open your eyes :o If You will post your action it will gain 2k Notes :D

HAHAH not not really, there are a lot of other similar actions already posted now, so that’s why i’m not posting it x



This is a pastel pink psd, works best on candids and events, you may wanna fix a few layers if too pastel, otherwise, it works perfectly fine! All you have to do is like or reblog before downloading this psd, likes inspire me to post more!


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Anonymous asked: Post your action babe and ill give you whatever you want trust me for God sake pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

go on my main blog and read the faq x