This is a pastel pink psd, works best on candids and events, you may wanna fix a few layers if too pastel, otherwise, it works perfectly fine! All you have to do is like or reblog before downloading this psd, likes inspire me to post more!


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Anonymous asked: Post your action babe and ill give you whatever you want trust me for God sake pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

go on my main blog and read the faq x


Hi guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t been uploading psds here, but I’ve been very busy with school, and I also have 5 other blogs, but hopefully I’ll post more here soon, this is a yellow tone psd, works perfect on candids and events, and if you adjust a few layers, it’ll work great on photohsoots too! It also contains a b&w option, please like/reblog before downloading, because likes inspire me to make more!


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Anonymous asked: MORE PSDS HERE PLEASE

Haha, sorry I haven’t been able to update guys but I’ve been very busy with school and the other blogs, but i’ll post soon! x


This is a neutral and soft psd and can also be used for graphics if you adjust a few settings, please like or reblog the post before downloading 


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Hello lovely followers, I know I haven’t posted a psd in like 1984712 years , but I hope you forgive me, and I’m going to try to be as active as I can! Please LIKE THE POST before downloading! Love you x


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tellemitsmabirthday-deactivated asked: which action do you use the most?

an action made by me x


Hey lovely followers, I know I haven’t posted a psd here in a while, so i decided to finally post one heheh, lol anyway, this psd is a pinkish psd and you will maybe have to adjust a couple of layers to get it exactly perfect on your picture, anyway please LIKE THE POST before downloading this psd and enjoy!


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So I haven’t posted a psd in a while, and I’ve been getting a lot of psd requests, so I decided to share this psd of mine. (it’s a bit old so i changed and adjusted some layers) I’ve been recently using this psd on some of my edits, so I’d love that you like this post, then download my psd, otherwise, enjoy!


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Anonymous asked: post more psds pleaseee :) they're awesome!

i will soon x